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The Weston tennis courts can only be reserved by current residents of Weston in good standing who have signed a tennis waiver. There is no charge for reservations and the courts are open to all residents of Weston. The Weston tennis courts are now reserved via updates to a google calendar.  Anyone requesting access to this calendar will be allowed to see all current reservations, add/update reservations and cancel reservations.  This is an honor system – while anyone with access CAN cancel another reservation (even if they do not own it!) we are asking that you only modify your own reservations.  Any resident who desires to reserve tennis courts must make a one time application for access to the calendar.  If there are questions, please email

Procedures for Obtaining access to the tennis calendar:

  1. You will need a google account. If you do not have one, you can get one for free at

  2. Once you have a google account, please click on the button below (which sends an email to the administrator) and send an email with ALL of the following information.  No access will be approved without a complete application:

    • Your name

    • Your address in Weston (only Weston residents are allowed to reserve tennis courts)

    • Your gmail address

  3. You will receive an email in your gmail account once you have been set up. Before you are approved, the administrator must check with Integrity to ensure that you have signed a tennis waiver.  Integrity has up to two business days to respond, so please plan accordingly.  Return to this page for further steps once you get the email.  Once this happens, please do NOT click any links in the email. Return to these directions.

     Next Steps:

  1.   Once you have received a confirmation email, please do NOT click any links in the email.  Instead, please take the following steps:

    • Go to your calendar page in google  

    • In the “Other calendars” section, click the “+” sign to add the new calendar

    • A popup will appear – select “Subscribe to calendar”

    • On the next page (headed Add calendar), type in the blank.  Hit enter to confirm.

    • You will end up in a Settings page – go to the top of the page and click the back arrow (where it says settings).

    • You should now see the calendar and any reservations that have been made.  If the calendar slot is blank, both courts are available.  If there is one entry, only one court is available.  If there are two entries, all courts are reserved for that time period.

Procedures for Reserving a tennis court:

  1. Open your gmail account and navigate to the Calendar app

  2. You will have more than one calendar.  Google will either merge the calendars together and color code your entries OR you can turn off all but the WNAtennis calendar.  You can always switch back and forth by clicking the box in front of each calendar name to show only one calendar at a time.

  3. Select a time slot for your reservation by clicking on the calendar.  The entry will default to one hour, but you can change the time before you save the entry.

  4. In the Title slot, add your name and court number - for example "Jimmy Connors Court 1". This field is mandatory and your reservation may be canceled by the administrator if your name and court number are not shown.

  5. Make sure that you are adding this entry to the correct calendar.  The calendar entries are color coded to be the same as the color in the box in front of the calendar name on the left.  The default will be to add entries to your personal calendar.  This will not reserve the court.  You must make sure that you select the tennis calendar.  This happens when you open the dropdown in the last field in the popup - it allows you to select which calendar you want to add the entry to.  Check to make sure your color matches to be sure you are on the correct calendar.  As an alternative, you can uncheck all calendars except the tennis calendar and you will be certain that you are adding your entry to the tennis calendar.  

  6. Change any other fields you want – you may want to add a description for your reference.

  7. Click Save and your reservation is made.

Procedures for changing/canceling a reservation for a tennis court:

  1. To change a reservation, click on the entry in the calendar; click the pencil to make changes; remember to save

  2. To cancel a reservation, click on the entry in the calendar; click the trash can to delete.

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