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Neighborhood Committees

The lifeblood of any community are the people who volunteer their time and talent to make a community run smoothly.  Weston is fortunate to have residents who continue to step forward to help.  Listed below are the five committees that currently are active in the Weston community.  A description of each commitee is also included.  If you would like to be involved, please contact the committee chairperson or any board member.

Clubhouse Committee

The Clubhouse Committee supervises the operations of Clubhouse amenities including the clubhouse, the exercise facility, the tennis pavilion, the pool and the children's play area. The goal of the committee is to ensure safe enjoyment for all of the membership at large and assist the Board of Directors in preserving and enhancing the physical value of the Association facilities. The committee will make recommendations for needed maintenance and improvements of the facilities. The committee will develop programs to promote use of the facilities by the community.

Social Committee

The Social Committee organizes and leads social activities for all Association members. The goal of the committee is to provide social events that are geared toward the interest and needs of the entire membership in order to provide and maintain social interchange amongst neighbors while promoting fun and neighborhood spirit. The committee will develop adult social activities as well as children and youth activities. If desired, the Committee may form two sub-committees, with one taking the main responsibility for adult social activities and the other taking the main responsibility for children’s and youth activities. 

Landscape Committee

The Landscape Committee supervises the operations of the common grounds landscaper, and will monitor all aspects of the neighborhood that involve the environment including the common grounds irrigation systems, all common area fencing, the Tot Lot, outdoor lighting, amenity flags and banners, and any common areas. The goal of the committee is to supervise and monitor the neighborhood environment to ensure safe enjoyment for all of the membership at large and assist the Advisory Committee or Board of Directors in preserving and enhancing the physical value of the Association grounds.

Architectural Control Committee

The Architectural Control Committee provides assistance in establishing and enforcing neighborhood standards in the realm of the Association's architectural scheme. The goal of the committee is to preserve the aesthetic qualities and the quality of living in the neighborhood. The committee will oversee regular inspections of the community by our management company to ensure compliance. The Committee will oversee the enforcement of covenant violations. The Committee will work closely with the Board of Directors

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee provides assistance in informing residents of pertinent neighborhood activities through the neighborhood newsletter, e-mail, web site, and other communication tools. The goal of the Committee is to keep residents informed about the activities, and events in the neighborhood and other items of interest that they deem appropriate and in the best interest of the entire Association. The committee will also welcome new residents into the neighborhood and provide them with basic information regarding the neighborhood and general information about the surrounding areas. The committee will help get new residents into the information loop.

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