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Welcome from the Weston Neighborhood Boards,

As we upgrade our online presence with a new site, the Weston Board of Directors would like to take this opportunity to restate our commitment to maintain and preserve the beauty and safety of the community for our residents. Thoughtful planning and development created a truly unique community. As a result of the efforts of its residents, our community has evolved into the special place that it is today.​


The community streets are private and owned by Weston's residents. Therefore, our streets are not subject to enforcement by state or local law enforcement agencies. The benefits to the community to have our streets privately owned exceed the benefits to transfer our streets to Forsyth County. It is for this reason that we appeal to our community, to drive safely and abide by the posted speed limits and by so doing help keep all Weston residents, children, friends, guests and pets safe.



President, Weston Neighborhood Assoc.

President, Weston Townhome Assoc.

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