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HOURS OF OPERATION:7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Daily



  • Residents may request access to the reservation system on the neighborhood website:  All practices, games, and lessons should be reserved.

  • Log in with resident code and password to the website. You will have to sign up and be approved if this is your first web site access

  • Select "Amenities" tab then Tennis Reservations.

  • Follow the directions there to get access to the system and how to use the system.


  • Contact Ricky Ferranti -- with any questions, issues or suggestions.

  • Two people per household may reserve the court for 1 hour each, per day

  • Prime time (adults only, 18 years and older) will be allowed to play from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. A child may play with an adult during prime time



  • Courts are for tennis only. Bikes, skates, skateboards or other activities are prohibited on the courts

  • All tennis players MUST have filled out the tennis waiver form and submitted it to Integrity AMG.

  • Children who are not playing tennis shall not be allowed on the court

  • Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult while playing tennis

  • Only flat sole tennis shoes may be worn on the court. No black sole shoes allowed

  • Metal rackets should have guards for protection of court surfaces

  • Players must exhibit proper sportsmanship, i.e., no throwing of rackets and no profanity

  • No one other than the actual players may be inside the fenced area. Those waiting to play, spectators and children, must stay outside the fenced area

  • No pets, chairs, stools, furniture, baby strollers, playpens or baby beds are allowed inside the fenced area

  • No food, glass containers or beverages may be taken inside the fenced area, except water in non-breakable containers

  • Jumping and swinging on the nets and/or fence is prohibited

  • Place all trash in proper receptacles

  • No smoking inside the court fences

  • If you are the last player(s) to leave, please be sure the lights are turned off (press the red button).



  • Guests are permitted, when accompanied by an resident, to utilize the tennis facilities at any time during normal tennis hours

  • Excessive use of guest privileges will result in restriction of them. Please be considerate.


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